Formal Aryne/Carbon Monoxide Copolymerization to Form Aromatic Polyketones/Polyketals

S. Ito*, W. Wang, K. Nishimura, K. Nozaki*
Macromolecules 2015, 48, 1959–1962.  DOI: 10.1021/acs.macromol.5b00315

Abstract: A palladium-catalyzed alternating copolymerization of [2.2.1]oxabicyclic alkenes 1 with carbon monoxide afforded isomer mixtures of polyketones 2ktn and polyketals 2ktl. Subsequent acid-induced dehydration of polymer 2 furnished novel aromatic polymers consisting of polyketones 3ktn and polyketals 3ktl units. This formal aryne/carbon monoxide copolymerization thus generated the first example of poly(aryne-alt-carbon monoxide)s, in which o-arylene and carbonyl units are incorporated in an alternating fashion.

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